Movies Running in Greensboro, NC

Winner(Telugu) movie
Languages: Telugu
Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Rakul Preet
Show Timings
Feb 23rd(Thurs) - 8:00pm(Premiere)
Feb 24th(Fri) - 9:30pm
Feb 25th(Sat) - 3:10pm 
Ticket Price
Adult - $12, Child - $8
Beautiful Manasugalu(Kannada) Movie
Languages: Kannada
Cast: Sathish, Shrut
Show Timings
Feb 25th(Sat) - 6:20pm
Feb 26th(Sun) - 3:10pm
Ticket Price
Adult - $12, Child - $9

The Ghazi Attack(Telugu) Movie
Languages: Telugu(with English Subtitles)
Cast: Raana, Taapsee
Show Timings
Feb 24th(Fri) - 6:45pm
Feb 25th(Sat) - 9:30pm
Feb 26th(Sun) - 6:20pm
Ticket Price 
Regular Theater Prices


The Ghazi Attack(Hindi) Movie
Languages: Hindi(with English Subtitles)
Cast: Raana, Kay Kay Menon, Taapsee
Show Timings
Feb 23rd(Thurs) - 
Feb 24th(Fri) - 3:10pm
Feb 25th(Sat) - 
Feb 26th(Sun) - 9:30pm
Feb 27th(Mon) - 3:10pm, 9:30pm
Feb 28th(Tue) - 3:10pm, 9:30pm
Mar 1st(Wed) - 3:10pm, 9:30pm 
Mar 2nd(Thurs) - 3:10pm, 9:30pm 
Ticket Price 
Regular theater prices

Running Shaadi(Hindi) Movie
Languages: Hindi(with English Subtitles)
Cast: Amit Sadh, Taapsee
Show Timings
Feb 23rd(Thurs) - 12:00pm, 3:00pm
Feb 24th(Fri) - 12:00pm
Feb 25th(Sat) - 12:00pm
Feb 26th(Sun) - 12:00pm
Feb 27th(Mon) - 12:00pm, 6:20pm
Feb 28th(Tue) - 12:00pm, 6:20pm
Mar 1st(Wed) - 12:00pm, 6:20pm 
Mar 2nd(Thurs) - 12:00pm, 6:20pm 
Ticket Price 
Regular theater prices 

Bahubali 2: TheConclusion
Languages: Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi
Cast: Prabhas, Raana, Anushka, Tamanna
First look Motion Poster: Click Here
Virtual Reality(VR) Making videos: Video 01
Show Timings
Premieres on April 27th, 2017 
Ticket Price

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Theater Address:
Red Cinemas(Carousel Cinemas)
1305 Battleground Ave,
Greensboro, NC - 27408.
Phone: (336) 230 - 1620

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